Roo's Coffee

Organic. Ethical. Local

Roo's Craft Coffee

The options for commuters is so often mediocre chains, faceless corporate brands and impersonal service. We aim to offer commuters something different, something local and artisan, something that they are perhaps more used to getting in London at their destination.

We’ve teamed up with Ordoo, allowing you to place your coffee order and pay in advance, so commuters just need to turn up and taken their freshly prepared coffee! We also offer a range of blends to choose from, our house blend being Mac and Me. They roast all their specialist coffee in Writtle, turning fresh ‘green’ beans into beautifully crafted blends. We also have regularly changing guests blends.

Gluten Free & Vegan Options Available

We don’t serve traditional soft drinks (their ethics don’t match ours). Instead we stock LemonAid and ChariTea. The profit from each sale goes to good causes. The refreshing flavour are delicious - Lime, Blood Orange and Passion Fruit.

Helping to Save Our Planet!

We are very very nearly a zero plastic company. We give out free water refills, offer 25p discount to those bringing their own cup, and all our coffees are poured into recyclable vegware. Our loyalty cards are even made from 100% recycled cotton from old T-shirts!

We also offset all the electricity we use, and food miles are also a consideration.

Happy Customers

We cater to all tastes at Roo’s - if you are gluten free we have food options for you. If you are vegan, no problem, we have oat milk which performs for baristas just like dairy milk. There is no need to have an inferior milk! Add this to our incredible MoFo Deluxe drinking chocolate and you are in for a bit of a treat...

We also offer food!

All our food is made for by @cupcakedaisy1, based in Chelsmsford. Come and see what we have on offer today!

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